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Michael J. Elliott, C.C.C, M.Sc.

Born and raised in Newcastle, at the northeast end of England, Michael (Mick) Elliott has attained the status of being ranked among the top three chef instructors in the world. He is a graduate of the “City & Guilds” in London, England and apprenticed under Chef Anton Mossimann at the Dorchester Hotel in London. He has achieved the acclaimed designation of Certified Chef de Cuisine (C.C.C.) and is a Certified Red Seal chef along with his Executive Master of Science Degree in: Culinary Chef Administration (M.Sc).

As a former Executive Chef of The Queen Elizabeth II, a luxury cruise liner, and Executive Sous Chef of “Little Dix Bay”, a 5-Star Resort in the British Virgin Islands, Chef Mick has attained international status. A chef of great skill and finesse who has earned a reputation for gastronomic brilliance, Chef Mick has long had a passion for all things local, and his creativity with culinary techniques, specifically his patisserie skills, is unparalleled. He has received numerous medals and awards for culinary excellence in regional and international competitions, televised series, contributions to culinary textbooks, and associations with various advisory boards within the food industry.

Chef Mick has won various Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Atlantic Canada and the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, U.S.A, and British Virgin Islands, the Nisod Excellence Award from the University of Texas, as well as being one of the host chefs for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.

Chef Mick’s joy comes from inspiring enthusiasm in student chefs of all ages, which led him to instruct culinary programs at various colleges in Ontario, specifically at Canadore College in North Bay, The Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island, and Humber College in Toronto. In 1991, Chef Mick was chosen as “Teacher of the Year” at Canadore College. Following these teaching successes, he is currently Director/Owner and Chef Instructor of Liaison College Culinary Arts in Toronto. A private career college, Liaison College, Toronto, in operation since 2002, has graduated over 1000 students, several who have progressed to Executive chefs within the industry. With his wife, Pastry Chef and Administrative Director Chef Ana Paula, born and raised in Mexico City, Chef Mick continues to instruct and motivate the younger generation of future chefs of the world. Passion powers performance and Chef Mick is a testament to not only his own personal

Chef Tony Way

Chef Tony was born and raised in Toronto where culture and food are everywhere and abundant. This is what fuels his passion of food and influences how he cooks.

Chef Tony was one of our alumni where he graduated from Cook Advanced Program with an Honours degree. Along with being introduced to a new division of the culinary world, he has found a place in which he can develop and blossom young chefs who are eager for the culinary knowledge to succeed in their chosen career.

He has been very fortunate to start his career at Opus on Prince Arthur which is one of Toronto’s top restaurants where he has able to use the best ingredients in the world. From there, he learned fabulous skills and techniques in this field that will travel with him forever as a Chef.

With several experiences working in fine dining restaurants, he was offered a job as a Sous Chef at Meating Steakhouse which led to a Head Chef job at C-Food Restaurant (a sister establishment to Meating). At C-Food Restaurant, he was responsible for the day-to-day overall operations. Chef Tony also was hired to do some consulting work which has NOW developed into his own catering business called “Way Out By Design.”

His philosophy of food is about pure flavours with the understanding that “textures are what makes the flavours even more enjoyable.” Looking to the future, Chef Tony is very interested in sharing his knowledge in Molecular Gastronomy with students and fellow Chefs in the city.

After earning his Red Seal, he returns as a Chef Instructor at our college and also trains our students for various competitions within our community.

Some of his achievements are as follows:

  • nd place “Where Magazines” Top Seafood Restaurant. 2008
  • Best “Shrimp Cocktail” by “C-Food” 2008
  • American Rice Federation Executive dinner “2007”
  • Hot & Spicy Festival “2007”
  • American Rice federation “2001”

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